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Scoring Interface

Manual scoring is dealt with under this tab.

eScoring is under the eScoring tab.

Scoring Interface details are under the Scoring Interface tab.

Entering time scores couldn't be easier.
Type 630 to enter 6 mins 30 secs (formats to 6:30).
Type 630.3 for 6 mins 30.3 secs (formats to 6:30.3).
If you use a comma for decimals: Type 630,3 for 6 mins 30,3 secs (formats to 6:30,3).

See the Scoring Screens tab to see examples for each task.

Best Flight Points
This is a completely up to date list of the best flight points across the whole competition.
When clicked, the list also shows all the scoring elements (time, landing, height, ...).
For F3K, the list is for the task currently being scored.

Re-Flights group of buttons

  • Move Pilot to Another Group
    . Pilots can be moved to any group in any round
    . Groups with frequency or team clash issues are highlighted
  • Re-Fly This Group
    . Creates a new group having the same pilots
  • Create a New Group
    . Allows a new group to be built with any pilots

Clicking on the 'Speaker' icon opens the Audio Player screen.
Clicking on the 'Clock' icon opens the Digital Timer screen.
Clicking on the 'Down/Up' icon opens the eScoring 'Auto Download/Upload' screen.
Clicking on the 'Up arrow' icon opens the eScoring 'Upload to Server' screen.
Clicking on the 'Down arrow' icon opens the eScoring 'Download to PC' screen.

Pilots with more than one score for any one round are automatically awarded their best score
Re-flights taken in a round different to the original round automatically appear in the original round in the final results

Bottom of the screen

  • Delete Round and Delete Group buttons.  Use with care
  • Navigation buttons - change groups with a mouse click or use these keyboard shortcuts -
         Ctrl+Right (next group)
         Ctrl+Left (previous group)
         Ctrl+Home (first group)
         Ctrl+End (last group)
  • Lock Data check box - prevents changes to data entered after entries have been checked
  • Score Check button - brings up a screen to show scores that are outside of specified limits.
  • Running Results button - preview or print a range of reports.
    Get all the Competition Results reports without leaving the Scoring screen
         up to the currently displayed round,
         for the currently displayed round, or
         for the currently displayed group

The latest FAI rules (including provisional rules) can be found here under 'Sporting Code'.

Watch the Score Entry video.