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Draw Rounds
Draw Specifications

GliderScore takes into account both the 'DRAW Options' and the 'DRAW' specifications.

DRAW Options
Team Protection If using teams, you can also enforce team protection. Pilots in the same team will be in different flight goups.
20KHz Spacing Avoids frequency clashes in the draw. Not required if all entrants are on 2.4GHz.
Assign Helpers Automatically assigns helpers to pilots flying. Not available if using team protection.
Lanes Assigns pilots to a lane to fly from. Choices are

  • None - Lanes are not assigned.
  • Random - Lanes are assigned randomly.
  • Team - Lanes are assigned to teams but changed every round.
  • Closest - Assigns the lane number that is as close as possible to the pilot's team number.

Draw Mode
You can choose between Man-On-Man or Seeded Man-On-Man.
Most competitions are drawn using Man-On-Man. This maximizes the number of different pilots that a pilot will fly against.
Seeded Man-On-Man (SMOM) requires a new draw after every round. It puts pilots with similar progressive scores into groups.
There is more information about SMOM under the 'Seeded Draw' tab.
Adjust the number of Groups per Round to get your desired number of pilots per group.
The minimum number of Groups per Round is limited by various settings such as
- maximum number in any one team (if Team Protection selected)
- maximum number on any one frequency (also allowing for 20kHz spacing selection)
- whether the task is flown in groups (Speed and F5B are 1 group per round)
Pilots/Group (Min/Max) figures will change automatically.
Allow Back-to-Back flights
This option is only available if there are three or more groups per round.

  • Yes - means that a pilot can be drawn in the last group of a round and the first group of the next round.
    This selection gives the best (fairest) draw.
  • No - means that a pilot drawn in the last group of a round will not be drawn in the first group of the next round.
    Selecting this option will reduce the fairness of the draw but this effect can be small provided that
    the Groups per Round is large (perhaps five or more).

Finally, click the Draw button.

Click the Create Draw tab (above) for the next stage.