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F3Q Introduction

F3Q - Radio Controlled Aero Tow Gliders

F3Q is a two task contest for 'scale like' aero tow gliders.
Each round comprises a duration task and a speed task.
Unlike F3B, where worst task scores are discarded, with F3Q the
worst round score is discarded.
The rules for F3Q are FAI provisional rules (at 5 November 2016).

Main features

  • Unlimited number of pilots. Up to 99 rounds can be drawn.
  • Creates an optimised draw that avoids frequency and/or team clashes.
  • Pilots can be 'retired' and a re-draw made with the remaining pilots for later rounds.
  • Pilots can be moved between groups, and even rounds, for re-flights.
  • Whole groups can be re-flown.
  • New re-flight groups can be 'built' with selected pilots.
  • Keeps track of each pilot's best score for each round (if pilot is re-flown)
  • Deducts up to five worst Round scores at predetermined rounds flown.
  • Deducts penalties from the final score.
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of reports. All reports can be previewed, printed or downloaded.
  • Score cards (for the duration task) can be printed from the Reports menu.

Championship Reports
Championship reports can be produced in two different ways.

  • Multiple competitions can be selected into a Competition Series (see Main Menu → Competition Series).
    The Competition Series report can then be produced.
  • The rounds flown from multiple competitions can be merged into a single competition file (see Main Menu → Merge).
    The standard competition reports apply to the merged competition.

Expand F3Q on the side menu to work through these features.

Basic competition setup for F3Q

  • Select both the Duration and Speed tasks
  • Select 'Random' from the Lane Options.
    This creates the Duration launch order when the Draw is done.
  • Under Scoring Options
    - Select 'Drop worst Round scores'.
    - Select the round numbers at which drop scores will take effect.
  • Under Scoring Rules
    - Key in the 'Duration target time'.
    - Select the 'Landing bonus' table.