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Scoring Interface

GliderScore provides assistance to those wanting to create electronic score collection software.

  • The ability to download the Scoring data to a file.
    This file can then be uploaded into the score collection database.
  • The ability to print score cards with QRCodes.
    The QRCodes provide a way to identify where to put the scores being collected.
  • The ability to upload scores from a delimited file.
    The scores collected can be imported into GliderScore from a .csv file created from the score collection database.
    All scoring calculations are done as a part of the same process.

CreateFile / ImportFile functions

Click on the 'eScoring' button to open this screen.
The second tab is 'Electronic Scoring Interface'.

Download Scoring data to a .csv file

Choose the location and file name for the downloaded data.

There are 15 fields in the data file. 6 key fields, 8 data fields and 1 Name field.

Key FieldsData FieldsName Field

The key fields contain the data needed to identify the scoring row.
The data fields are used to save the collected scoring data.
The pilot name field contains the pilot name to make the file human friendly.

The following table shows where the scoring data has to go.
For F3K, record as many times as required for the task. All other times should be zero (0).

Duration0FlightTime0FlightTime2*00Landing0 or Penalty
F3J - Duration with Late Landing0FlightTime0FlightTime2*0Late landing penaltyLanding0 or Penalty
Duration with Motor Run0FlightTime0FlightTime2*0Motor runLanding0 or Penalty
F5J Duration with Height Penalty0FlightTime0FlightTime2*0HeightLanding0 or Penalty
Distance (Lap count)Laps flown0000000 or Penalty
Speed (Time elapsed)0FlightTime0FlightTime2*0000 or Penalty
F5BLaps flownFlightTime0FlightTime2*0Motor runLanding0 or Penalty
F3KFlightTimeFlightTime2FlightTime3FlightTime4FlightTime5FlightTime6FlightTime70 or Penalty

*FlightTime2 only applies where there are two timekeepers and both times are to be recorded.
Otherwise make this field zero (0).

Flight times are formatted as mmss.sss.

Landing values must be values from the (Distance column) of the Landing table being used for the competition.
It is recommended that a Landing table where both Distance and Points are the same be used.
In this case, mark the landing tape with the landing score, and collect that value.

Import Scoring Data from a properly formatted .csv file

Select the .csv file that you updated by browsing to it's location.

A number of data validation checks are then carried out.
The import will be cancelled if any of these fail, and an error report will be produced.

Once the import is completed a full re-calculation of all scores is carried out.

Remember that any existing data will be overwritten by the imported data.