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Mildura 2013


Please email any suggestions to improve GliderScore.

Having problems with the program?

  • Try clicking the information buttons within the program and read carefully.
  • Send me an email if the information that you need isn't there.
  • It often helps if you send me your database.
    Before you do, rename it from GliderScoreData.mdb to GliderScoreData.bmp.
    This will prevent the file from being blocked by my email server.

My email address is

I will not have regular internet access for several months (starting June 23, 2017) so please be patient if waiting for a reply. I will respond as soon as I can.
If you are having issues then it is helpful to send images of the screens so that I can see what is happening.
It is also often helpful to have your database so please follow the instructions above and send it to me.
This will save time and enable me to quickly help you with your issue.