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Digital Timer - Introduction

GliderScore DigitalTimer is a companion to Gliderscore.

The program

  • Makes all audio announcements, including timer announcements
  • Runs a very accurate timer and displays the time on screen
  • Optionally outputs the time to a digital clock display panel (AerobTec LED panel shown)
  • No need for pre-recorded 'timing' .mp3 files

Running the Digital Timer

  • Create the Playlist using Gliderscore.
    See 'Create Playlist' tab for details.
  • Open the DigitalTimer program (from within Gliderscore).
  • If using a display panel and it does not work with the Digital Timer program, contact me to resolve the issue.

When using the DigitalTimer

  • Set your computer to stay awake. If it goes to 'sleep', so will the DigitalTimer.
  • Disable any anti-virus program from running.
    McAfee Anti-Virus has been shown to intermittently interrupt the DigitalTimer.
    Other anti-virus programs may well do the same. Avast seems to be OK.

Watch this video to see the program being used at a competition in Holland, or
this earlier video made in a workshop including the use of a one minute landing window.
Videos courtesy of Arjan Harmans.

The DigitalTimer program can be used with or without a display panel.
Don't have a display panel? Click on the 'Display Panels' and 'Display Panel Build' tabs.

The first step is to create the Playlist.
Click on the 'Create Playlist' tab to learn more.