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ALES Introduction
Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (non-FAI)

This page is about altitude limited electric soaring gliders as flown in the USA.

These competitions are run to a variety of local rules. A proposed set of rules has
been submitted to the 'Academy of Model Aeronautics' (the AMA) and can be found here.
A feature of these rules is that flight times are group scored and the
landing bonus is added on afterwards. The maximum round score is 1050.
Generally the group scored flight time is the major component of the score.

Main features

  • Unlimited number of pilots. Up to 99 rounds can be drawn.
  • Unlimited number of Landing Bonus tables.
  • Creates an optimised draw that avoids frequency and/or team clashes.
  • For team events, teams can be automatically allocated to lanes on a round by round basis.
  • Pilots can be 'retired' and a re-draw made with the remaining pilots for later rounds.
  • Pilots can be moved between groups, and even rounds, for re-flights.
  • Whole groups can be re-flown.
  • New re-flight groups can be 'built' with selected pilots.
  • Keeps track of each pilot's best score for each round (if pilot is re-flown).
  • Deducts drop scores at predetermined number of rounds flown.
  • Deducts penalties from the final score.
  • Allows for one or two timekeepers. If two, times are averaged (but if one time entered, averaging does not occur).
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of reports. All reports can be previewed, printed or downloaded.
  • Score cards can be printed from the Reports menu.
  • Multiple competitions can be selected into a Competition Series and a series Championship report automatically produced.

Expand ALES on the side menu of this web page to work through these features.

Example competition setup for ALES

  • GroupScore option selected is 'Time'
  • Target time can be changed
  • Decimal places for timing can be changed
  • Different Landing bonus tables can be used
  • Number of timekeepers can be one or two

Watch the Comp Setup ALES video.