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All reports (except the Competition Series report) are available from this menu.
Go to Main Menu → Comp Series → Report to see the Competition Series report.

Preview, Print or Download
Reports can be previewed, printed or downloaded.
They can also be created as .pdf documents using a third party program. I use Bullzip PDF. The free version is very good. Simply select to Print, then select Bullzip PDF from the list of printers.

Publish OnLine
Publish OnLine with a few clicks. This process uploads all of your competition data to the GliderScore server. The data can be viewed by going to this website and clicking the OnLine Scores link. You could do it now. This is the same process as uploading data using the eScoring Menu. The upload must be declared to be 'Public' for the data to be seen.

Draw Reports, those listed on the left hand side, are described under 'Draw Rounds' starting with the 'Check Draw' tab. Click here to see the various draw reports.

Competition Reports are described under various tabs within this 'Reports' page.

Custom Reports are described under the Custom Reports tab within this 'Reports' page.

Upload reports to a website
'Print' the reports to PDF files and upload these files. Search the internet for PDF writers if you do not have one. Free PDF writers are available.

Emailing the draw reports
The downloaded reports are in CSV format and can be read by programs such as MS Excel. This is a good format to use if emailing the draw reports because pilots can choose how they want them formatted for printing.

Alternatively, use the Email Reports facility. This can be used to download and email all available reports at any stage of the competition.

Scoring Screen - Running Results
Use the 'Running Results' button on the Scoring Screen to bring up a menu of the 'Competition Results' reports.
You can preview or print the reports and will return to the Scoring screen when finished.

Report Preferences Screens

Each report allows selection of various preferences as illustrated here. Available preferences will depend on the parameters of the particular competition and the type of report.