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LSF Tournament, Jerilderie 2012
Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I run a competition with pilots flying two classes of model?

2. Can I run a thermal duration competition with target times changing from round to round?

3. Can I produce a Team Result where only nominated team members qualify for the result?

4. Can I run a World Championship where the defending champion will fly with his country's team members?

5. Can I use channel numbers instead of actual frequencies?

6. I want to draw 3 Groups per Round but GliderScore won't allow less than 5. Why is this?

7. Can I run two (or more) instances of GliderScore at the same time?

8. Does GliderScore write data anywhere outside of the C:\GliderScore6 folder?

9. Can I set up a backup computer in case my primary computer fails?

10. Can I transfer GliderScore to a new computer without losing anything?