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Translate Menus and ScreensTranslate Information (Help)

Translate into any language

GliderScore can translate practically everything on screen (and on reports) into ANY language.

From Version 6.51, all translation files are included with the full download.

The same files are available for download at the end of this page.
After download, they should be moved to the C:\GliderScore6\Translations folder.

There is only one requirement to make this all happen.

  • The language files MyLanguage.lng must be in a sub-folder named 'Translations'.
    The sub-folder will normally be 'C:\GliderScore6\Translations'.
    More specifically, it will be a sub-folder of the folder where GliderScore.exe is located.
    If GliderScore.exe is located in 'C:\Users\Documents\GliderScore', then the sub-folder must be 'C:\Users\Documents\GliderScore\Translations'.

Select a language from the list and translation happens instantly.
Ukrainian is selected as an example.

It helps a lot to know somebody who can translate English words into your language. Translation software such as Google Translate can help.

See below for an example of a translated screen and further below for instructions on making (or editing) your own language file.

This screen was translated according to the words in the file Ukrainian.lng.

All screens are translated in a similar way.

All of the critical user interface text is available for translation and this should enable anyone to use the program.

Files are available for Chinese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian as well as English. These files are available from the Download page.
However, they are all included in the full download of GliderScore Version 6.51 (and above).

Create Your Own Language File
In fact there must be at least two language files for translation to occur.
English.lng and YourLanguage.lng.
The file 'English.lng' always exists and is re-created every time the program runs so you do not have to do anything with it.

However 'English.lng' can be used as a starting point for a new language file. Just copy it to make a new file called Mylanguage.lng. Then replace all the english words with words in your own language.

Place your new file in the sub-folder 'Translations' (of the folder containing GliderScore.exe) and run the program. GliderScore will add your language to the list so that you can select it. Once selected, translation takes place for all translated words.

The numbers provide the link that enables translation.

The program takes care of limited formatting, stripping out double-quote marks, removing leading spaces, trailing spaces and tab characters.


I have created some 'starter' language files using Google Translate. I have no idea
how good (or bad) the translation is. In some cases I believe that it is quite bad,
but not always. You can and should correct the translations in these files.

Please send me your completed translations to replace the 'Google Translate' translations below.
If you send a translation file for a 'new' language I will add it to the available downloads.

All language files are included in the full download from Version 6.51 and higher.

  • For Versions up to 6.50
  • Download, then move files to 'C:\GliderScore6'.
  • From Version 6.51
  • Download, then move file/s to 'C:\GliderScore6\Translations'.
    The 'Translations' folder must be a sub-folder of the folder where GliderScore.exe is located.

 - Click below to download a particular language file. Translations made with the help of 'Google Translate' have black text.
   Full translations contributed by friends have blue text. Make corrections to the translations as needed.
 - Open 'C:\GliderScore6\Translations\English.lng' to see all the English text and/or to use as a 'template' to create a new language file.
 - Alternatively, download and save Translations.zip, then extract the language/s that you need to folder C:\GliderScore6\Translations.