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Electric Introduction
Electric Glider (non-FAI)

This page is about thermal soaring electric gliders.
These competitions are run to a large variety of rules these days and most
can be run with GliderScore. If you employ a height penalty then you should visit
the F5J page. Otherwise the main difference between thermal glider and electric glider
is usually a deduction for motor run and a special landing bonus table. GliderScore handles
both of these simply, making the running of these events a pleasure.

Main features

  • Unlimited number of pilots. Up to 99 rounds can be drawn.
  • Unlimited number of Landing Bonus tables.
  • Creates an optimised draw that avoids frequency and/or team clashes.
  • For team events, teams can be automatically allocated to lanes on a round by round basis.
  • Pilots can be 'retired' and a re-draw made with the remaining pilots for later rounds.
  • Pilots can be moved between groups, and even rounds, for re-flights.
  • Whole groups can be re-flown.
  • New re-flight groups can be 'built' with selected pilots.
  • Keeps track of each pilot's best score for each round (if pilot is re-flown).
  • Deducts drop scores at predetermined number of rounds flown.
  • Deducts penalties from the final score.
  • Allows for one or two timekeepers. If two, times are averaged (but if one time entered, averaging does not occur).
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of reports. All reports can be previewed, printed or downloaded.
  • Score cards can be printed from the Reports menu.
  • Multiple competitions can be selected into a Competition Series and a series Championship report automatically produced.

Expand Electric on the side menu to work through these features.

Example competition setup for Electric Glider

  • Target time can be changed
  • Decimal places for timing can be changed
  • Different Landing bonus tables can be used
  • 'Deduction from Flight Score' is set to 'Motor Run'
  • Number of timekeepers can be one or two

Watch the Comp Setup Electric video.