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Mildura 2013

GliderScore has all the features needed from pilot entry to final results.
It is largely intuitive but of course there is a learning curve to go through.
To help you there is this website and the help that is built into the program.

  • You will need a PC and the GliderScore program.
  • You can download the program here.
  • To start learning, click on the QuickStart tab above.

GliderScore ...

  • creates an excellent draw
  • produces draw reports, scoring sheets and score cards
  • allows easy entry of flight data and instantly calculate scores
  • produces up to date competition results at any time
  • allows emailing of draw reports and final results to all competition pilots
  • integrates audio, timing and digital clock display to run the competition
  • has a built in eScoring system to submit scores using smartphones.

RECENT UPDATES (Click here to download the latest files.)
The latest downloads include all bug fixes.

  • There is a new option for building a display board. (2021-07-09)
  • Robert Budniak has developed the new board and is sharing all the information here.
  • GliderScore 6.64 Build 2021-06-01
  • Feature - Timer clock colours can now be changed.
  • Feature - Timer (reduced size) window can be made full screen.
  • F5K Rule Refinement for Task C. See details here.
  • Bug fix - Big Timer working again.
  • Bug fix - various minor bug fixes.
  • GliderScore 6.64 Build 2021-05-15
  • Bug fix - Date conversion (for some countries) stopped audio functions.
  • Bug fix - Audio files missing after full install.
  • GliderScore 6.64 Build 2021-04-06 Update 1 (2021-05-13)
  • Bug fix - Timer files 'Browse' for file not working.
  • Bug fix - Digital Timer not working (crashes) on some laptop PCs.
  • Bug fix - When scoring speed task, scoring screen not sorting correctly on sequence number column.
  • Feature - Export Comp - can now choose download location and file name.
  • Feature - Import Comp - can now browse to location and name of file to import.
  • GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.11 Build 2021-04-22
  • Fixed a bug that prevented program running on a PC with no COM ports.
  • GliderScore 6.64 Build 2021-04-06 and GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.11 Build 2021-04-06
  • GliderScore - DigitalTimer and Audio Player
    New process for merging playlists from two (or more) competitions.
    - The merged playlist will run (say) seniors/juniors or F3K/F5K with no need to do anything at the changeover.
    - There is greatly increased flexibility provided with this change.
    For Digital Timer click here. For Audio Player click here.
  • If a playlist exists for a competition it will be automatically loaded in the DigitalTimer/AudioPlayer screen.
    - If there are no changes required simply click on Open Timer/Start Player to proceed.
  • eScoring - modified server database to allow for Chinese words to be correctly displayed.
  • Scoring screen - improved process for moving to a different round, group or reflight.
  • A number of minor bugs have been fixed.
  • GliderScore 6.63U1 Build 2020-12-03 and GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.10 Build 2020-11-30
  • GliderScore - Fixes a minor bug in the preliminary checks before the Draw Rounds program starts.
  • GliderScore 6.63 and GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.10 Build 2020-11-30
  • GliderScore - Major upgrade to include class F5K for both PC and eScoring. More information here.
  • GliderScore - Flight Scores report options: group by flight groups or pilot names; run for all pilots or selected pilots.
  • DigitalTimer - Upgraded to support two COM ports simutaneously. More information here.
  • DigitalTimer - Upgrade to support new Pandora functions. More information here.
  • Database Backups - Minimum of 10 retained. Backups deleted if more than 10 and over 3 months old.
  • eScoring - If closing competition and last action was a download, message given suggesting upload before closing.
  • GliderScore 6.62 Build 2020-02-17 with Bug Fixes
  • Update 1 2020-02-21 - Fixes issue where files for Big Timer were not created.
  • GliderScore 6.62 and GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.09 Build 2020-02-17
  • GliderScore 6.62
  • Merge playlists from any two competitions (with the same competition date) into a single playlist.
    Example: fly seniors round 1 groups followed by juniors round 1 groups, then seniors round 2 ....
    More info at Display/Timer/Audio->Digital Timer->Create Playlist->Merge Playlists, or
    Display/Timer/Audio->Audio Player->Merge Playlists.
  • Updated Pilot Listing reports. Group by country, team, frequency or pilot class.
  • Updated Score Records for F3K to allow more space for writing times to one decimal.
    Also added an optional portrait format with two score records per page.
  • GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.09
  • Various changes to handle the 'merge playlists' feature just added.
  • Translation of German F3RES Rules (Uploaded 2019-11-18)
  • A translation of the F3RES rules is available here.
  • Embedded-Ability Clock Display Controller 2018-09-27
  • Embedded-Ability has udpated software to take advantage of the 'Extended Protocol'.
    This means that four character displays can regularly show round and group information.
    For more information navigate to Display/Timer/Audio→Digital Timer→Open Timer.