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Main Menu

The Main Menu has several sections as described below.


  • Open - work with an existing competition
  • New - create a new competition
  • Merge - create a new competition by merging two compatible competitions (see Merge tab)
  • Delete - delete an existing competition
  • Export - create a file containing any number of selected competitions (see Export/Import tab)
  • Import - import a competition from a file that was exported and sent to you (see Export/Import tab)

Competition Series

  • Allows a series of competitions to be combined to show the series winner

Database Utilities

  • Compact DB - to compress your database folder
  • Backup DB - to make a backup copy of your database file
    - right click to copy your database files to another location.
  • Restore Backup - to restore a previously saved backup
  • View/Change DBFolder - to 'point' to a different database folder.
    You can have multiple databases in different folders.

Screen Size

  • Most screens can be resized by dragging the borders. The change is saved.
  • 'Adjust Size' changes the size of ALL SCREENS by the percentage chosen.
  • Restore Size - click this button to restore all screens to their default sizes.

Master Files

  • Pilots - to maintain the 'Pilots' masterfile (see Pilots tab)
  • Landings - to maintain the 'Landings' masterfile (see Landings tab)
  • Timers - to control audio and timer functionality.
  • F5K Bonus Tables - to maintain the height vs bonus (or penalty) tables for F5K
  • Roles - to maintain the 'Roles' masterfile (see Roles tab)
  • Country Codes
    This table holds all country codes as determined by the International Olympic Committee.
    The FAI uses the same codes. When adding a country code to a pilot's record, one of these codes must be used.
  • QRCode Setup
    This is where you specify data to be encoded when using QRCodes on Score Cards.
    QRCodes are useful when using smartphones to gather scores. Third party software is required to do this.
    If entering scores manually, there is no need to do anything here.
    If using GliderScore's eScoring, you need to click the 'Reset for eScoring' button.
  • Model Names - holds names of model types to be used if the 'Use Models?' option is selected.
  • Device Names - holds the names of on-board devices used in the models such as AMRT devices.


  • It is possible to run GliderScore in a language other than English.
    Use the drop down box to select a different language (if installed).
    See the Translate tab for more details.