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F5L Introduction

F5L - Radio Controlled Thermal Gliders RES with Electric Motor and AMRT

F5L is a group scored thermal duration contest for low tech 2 meter span RES gliders.
Each round comprises a duration task of 6:30 minutes in a 9 minute working time.
Unlike most competitions, with F5L the time points are 2 x (flight time in seconds).
Relaunches are allowed with only the final flight to be counted.

Provisional Rules
Rules for F5L are provisional at this time (February 2023).
You can find the rules at this link https://www.fai.org/page/ciam-code.

Main features

  • Unlimited number of pilots. Up to 99 rounds can be drawn.
  • Creates an optimised draw that avoids frequency and/or team clashes.
  • Pilots can be 'retired' and a re-draw made with the remaining pilots for later rounds.
  • Pilots can be moved between groups, and even rounds, for re-flights.
  • Whole groups can be re-flown.
  • New re-flight groups can be 'built' with selected pilots.
  • Keeps track of each pilot's best score for each round (if pilot is re-flown)
  • Deducts up to five worst Round scores at predetermined rounds flown.
  • Deducts penalties from the final score.
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of reports. All reports can be previewed, printed or downloaded.
  • Score cards (for the duration task) can be printed from the Reports menu.

Championship Reports
Championship reports can be produced in two different ways.

  • Multiple competitions can be selected into a Competition Series (see Main Menu → Competition Series).
    The Competition Series report can then be produced.
  • The rounds flown from multiple competitions can be merged into a single competition file (see Main Menu → Merge).
    The standard competition reports apply to the merged competition.

Expand F5L on the side menu to work through these features.

Basic competition setup for F5L

  • Select the competition class 'FAI F5L'.
  • Under Scoring Options
    - Select 'Drop worst Task scores'.
    - Select the round number at which the drop score will take effect (normally 6).
  • Under Scoring Rules
    - Key in the 'Duration target time' in seconds (normally 390).
    - Set the 'Points/Second' to 2.
    - Select the 'Landing bonus' table.