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Automatic Download/Upload

This feature automates the manual eScoring downloads and uploads by running both at a pre-set time interval.

It frees up a huge amount of time for the CD when combined with eScoring and the Digital Timer.
The CD's scoring duty is reduced to following up any pilots who have not submitted their scores.
The CD can do this during any spare time. The rest of the time is available for managing the competition.

How does it work?

  • Set the 'Competition Status' to Private or Public.
  • Choose a time interval from the 'Repeat cycle every' drop down box.
  • Click on Start to begin the process. The Start button becomes the Cancel button.
    The download/upload process will begin immediately.
  • The 'Pilots with Missing Scores' table is updated after every download.
    Hint: Put a tick against retired pilots so that you do not ask them for scores.
  • The last flight group with scores submitted is shown below the words 'Pilots with Missing Scores'.
  • No work can be done within GliderScore while Automatic Download/Upload screen remains open.
    Close the screen, do whatever needs to be done and then re-start the process.

What about Re-flights?

  • If a pilot is granted a re-flight he must be moved from his original flight group to his re-flight group.
  • Close the Automatic Download/Upload screen.
  • In the Scoring screen, move the pilot to his re-flight group ('Move Pilot to Another Group' button).
  • There are two methods that can be used to update the re-flight scoring data.
  • The pilot submits his score card to the CD. The re-flight details are manually entered on the computer.
  • If the change to flight groups is uploaded in time, the pilot can submit scores using the eScoring (phone) method.

What will stop the process?
The process will stop if a score is downloaded and there is no corresponding entry in the Scores table.
This can happen if a pilot is moved to another group and the online database is not updated (by running an upload).
If this happens a special screen displays with all of the scoring data. This must be handled manually.

Shown below is the Automatic Download/Upload screen.

See further below for the two ways to open this screen.

The Automatic Download/Upload screen can be accessed from the eScoring menu (left) or from the Scoring screen (right).