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Translate Menus and ScreensTranslate Information (Help)

Translate the Information (help) text into any language

From V6.40, GliderScore information (help) text is stored in a file separate from the program file.
This file is called English.info.
A small sample from this file is shown on the right.
Note that a fresh copy is created every time the program starts.

The basic steps to follow to translate the Information to your language are quite straightforward.
Note that all translation files are located in a separate folder called 'Translations'.
This folder will normally be 'C:\GliderScore6\Translations'.
More specifically, it must be a sub-folder of the folder where GliderScore.exe is located.

  • You must have firstly created a translation file for the menu and screen text called MyLanguage.lng.
  • Make a copy of English.info and rename it MyLanguage.info.
  • Make changes to your MyLanguage.info file to create the translated information.
  • Do not make any changes to the lines starting with #PageTag" or #ItemTag#.
    These lines are used by the program to find the required information.
    The text on the lines that start with #PageHdr# and #ItemHdr# can and should be translated.
  • To use your translated information (help) file, simply select your language from the list on the Main Menu.
  • Note that the program will look for your file in the sub-folder 'Translations' as described above.
    If not found, the English.info data will be used instead.

When creating a translation of the English.info file, follow the guidelines shown here.
Do not change the #PageTag# or #ItemTag# lines in any way.

The first Information item above displays as shown on the right.