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Export/Import Competitions

Export Competitions

You can export one or more competitions for sharing.

The file created is and contains the file GliderScoreDownload.txt (compressed).
GliderScoreDownload.txt is the file GliderScoreDownload.mdb with the .mdb extension changed to .txt.
The .zip file will be created in the same folder as the GliderScoreData.mdb file that was used to create it.

Use this .zip file to share competitions with other users.

The receiving user does not have to extract GliderScoreDownload.txt to be able to import competitions. The program does this automatically and deletes the extracted file when finished.

Import Competition

You can import competitions (one at a time) from a file.

The .zip file must be located in the same folder as the destination database (GliderScoreData.mdb).

There is no need to extract GliderScoreDownload.txt from the .zip file. GliderScore does that for you.

If you are sent GliderScoreDownload.mdb . . .

  • Rename the file to GliderScoreDownload.txt.
  • Create a .zip archive file named that contains the file GliderScoreDownload.txt.
  • Go ahead and import the data.