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Audio Player - Merge Playlists

It is possible to merge the playlists from two (or more) competitions to create a single continuous playlist.
The trigger to access this feature is that all competitions involved have the same competition date.
A typical use case is where separate competitions are being run for Seniors and Juniors or F3K and F5K.

The system automatically generates audio files to 'speak' the name of each competition.
These audio files are named Competition1.wav, Competition2.wav, ... and are created in the Audio sub-folder.
If the computer generated files to not correctly 'say' the competition names, replace them with locally produced files.
These competition name files are inserted in the playlist ahead of the round and group announcements.

The merge process works round by round.
In each round the playlist for the first competition is followed by the playlist of the second competition.
The sequence will look something like this:
Round 1
    Competition 1 Group 1
    Competition 1 Group 2
    Competition 1 Group 3
    Competition 2 Group 1
    Competition 2 Group 2
Round 2
    Competition 1 Group 1
    Competition 1 Group 2
    Competition 1 Group 3
    Competition 2 Group 1
    Competition 2 Group 2

To begin, create a playlist for the first competition to fly.
Open the next competition.
Click to create a playlist in the usual way.

You will see the 'Merge Playlists' screen because the two competitions have the same date.

Choose CREATE to create a playlist for just the current competition or MERGE to merge the playlists together.
In this case choose MERGE.
Click Continue to generate the merged playlist (or Cancel to abandon the operation).

Repeat the process for as many competitions as required.
Click on the 'Start Player' button within any of the merged playlist competitions to play the merged playlist.

If the competitions run perfectly smoothly then there is no more to do.

Sometimes things do not work out perfectly.
Changes have to be made.

For example, the Seniors competition might end the day without completing the round in progress.
The next day you want to start with the unfinished seniors round and then move back to the juniors.
This is how to do it.

  • Open the seniors competition and go to 'Create Playlist'.
  • Select the CREATE option (because we now want the seniors to start the next day).
  • Edit the FromRound (4) and FromGroup (3) numbers.
  • Click on 'Continue'.
  • The playlist starting at round 4 group 3 is created.

Next, go to the juniors competition.

  • Open the juniors competition and go to 'Create Playlist'.
  • The juniors had completed round 4 so they will start at round 5.
  • Select the MERGE option and edit the FromRound for juniors to 5.
  • Click on 'Continue'. The merged playlist is created.

Click on 'Start Player' to play the merged playlist.

It is important to know that the FromRound, FromGroup and FromReFlight fields can all be edited if they are not greyed out.