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Mildura 2013

GliderScore is easy to use and has all the features needed from pilot entry to final results.

  • Start with a PC and the GliderScore program.
  • Leave the more advanced features alone until you are ready to try them.

To get started, click on the QuickStart tab above.
If you would like to give it a try, get the program here.

GliderScore simply takes the hard work out of running RC glider competitions.

  • creates an excellent draw
  • produces draw reports, scoring sheets and score cards
  • allows easy entry of flight data and instantly calculate scores
  • produces up to date competition results at any time
  • allows emailing of draw reports and final results to all competition pilots
  • integrates audio, timing and digital clock display to run the competition
  • has a built in eScoring system to submit scores using smartphones.

RECENT UPDATES (Click here to download the latest files.)

  • GliderScore 6.62 Build 2020-02-17 with Bug Fixes
  • The latest downloads include all bug fixes.
  • Update 1 2020-02-21 - Fixes issue where files for Big Timer were not created.
  • GliderScore 6.62 and GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.09 Build 2020-02-17
  • GliderScore 6.62
  • Merge playlists from any two competitions (with the same competition date) into a single playlist.
    Example: fly seniors round 1 groups followed by juniors round 1 groups, then seniors round 2 ....
    More info at Display/Timer/Audio->Digital Timer->Create Playlist->Merge Playlists, or
    Display/Timer/Audio->Audio Player->Merge Playlists.
  • Updated Pilot Listing reports. Group by country, team, frequency or pilot class.
  • Updated Score Records for F3K to allow more space for writing times to one decimal.
    Also added an optional portrait format with two score records per page.
  • GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.09
  • Various changes to handle the 'merge playlists' feature just added.
  • GliderScore 6.61 Update 1 Build 2019-12-27 with Bug Fixes
  • The latest downloads include these bug fixes.
  • 2020-01-13 - Fixes issue where moving a pilot to another group could fail.
  • 2020-01-03 - Fixes issue with DigitalTimer playlist creation involving F3K Tasks C(2) and/or C(3).
  • 2020-01-01 - Fixes issue when Import(ing) a Timer that was previously Export(ed).
  • GliderScore 6.61 Update 1 Build 2019-12-27
  • F3K - Added Task E - Poker - 3 flights to time in 15 minutes.
  • Bug Fix - Scoring screen - Now formats cells correctly when changing the Round, Group or ReFlight numbers.
  • GliderScore 6.61 Build 2019-12-18
  • Digital Timer Settings - Fixes various issues.
  • Digital Timer Settings - added the ability to play all announcements within Preparation Time.
  • GliderScore 6.60 and GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.08 Build 2019-12-10
  • GliderScore 6.60
  • Competition Setup - Type of competition is set by Class, not by selecting a task or tasks.
  • Create Playlist now allows specifying a 'From' round and group and a 'To' round and group.
  • Competition Series report
    - Not-counted scores are now highlighted.
    - Percentage of winners score is now shown.
  • Models and Devices -
    - The 'Usual Model' field in Pilot maintenance has been removed.
    - Two new tables for Models and Devices have been added.
    - If 'Use Models?' is selected, all the models registered for each pilot can be entered in the 'Pilot Entry' screen.
    - Devices means any on-board device such as an AMRT device.
    - Each model is given its own Model ID.
    - The Model ID can be entered on the Score Card, in eScoring or the Scoring screen.
    - There is a new Models report.
  • English.lng file now includes the long form of abbreviated words.
  • Scoring On-line Download Missing Scores List - Pilots can now be marked 'Retired'.
  • If 'Use Teams?" is selected, there will be a new column in the Pilot Entry screen.
    - The column is headed 'OTS' meaning, Omit from Team Score.
    - A tick in this column excludes the pilot from team scoring completely.
  • The F5J 'Height' report can optionally be run showing Height or Height Penalty.
  • Bug fixes -
    - If using lanes, and the lane was changed in the Scoring screen, changes were not saved. Fixed.
    - If a re-flight group was used the Overall Results report could crash. Fixed.
    - The Competition Series report could crash if run on a PC where the decimal separator was a comma. Fixed.
  • F3K
    - Support for timing to one decimal place has been added.
    - New tasks for 2020 have been added to GliderScore and to eScoring.
    - A new 15 minute timer is added for the new task M. - Non-FAI task 'O' is replaced with non-FAI task 'U10'. There is a new non-FAI task 'U15'.
  • Timer Setup includes a new column 'Timer State'. this is to specify whether timer is
    in preparation time, testing time, no-fly time, working time, or landing time.
  • New 'Lanes' option - allocates a lane that is as close as possible to the team number (only if using teams).
  • Re-layout of some reports so that Country Code and FAI Number print together.
  • Create link to OnLine scores.
    In the eScoring Menu, get a link (URL) that goes directly to the competition.
  • Much improved scaling of all screens.
  • F3J/F5J correctly resolves ranking in the case of a tied score.
  • GliderScoreDigitalTimer 1.08
  • The default values in the 'GoTo' screen are the values for the next flight group.
  • Support added for handling the Timer State data in the playlist instead of by calculation.
    Necessary because of F3K where preparation time is divided into three states. Preparation time, testing time and no-fly time.
  • New Translation of German F3RES Rules (Uploaded 2019-11-18)
  • A new translation of the F3RES rules is available here.
  • Embedded-Ability Clock Display Controller 2018-09-27
  • Embedded-Ability has udpated software to take advantage of the 'Extended Protocol'.
    This means that four character displays can regularly show round and group information.
    For more information navigate to Display/Timer/Audio→Digital Timer→Open Timer.