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Competition Setup
New Competition

This screen appears when you click on Competitions→New from the Main Menu.

This is where you create a new competition by giving it a

  • Name
  • Venue, and
  • Date

You can create a new competition with just this information or you can select an existing competition as a template for the new competition. Setup and/or pilots can be copied.
This saves a lot of time, particularly with entering pilots.

Competition Setup Details

  • If checked, the new competition will have the same setup details as the selected competition.

Pilot Details

  • None - do not copy pilot details
  • All Pilots - copy all pilots to the new competition
  • Pilots for FlyOff - copy just the top pilots

Some setup details need to be changed for fly-off competitions.
Teams will not be applicable and for F3J and F5J the target time will be longer.

GliderScore automatically de-selects 'Use Teams?' when creating fly-off competitions.

Fly-off target time is selected in this screen.
The fly-off competition is created with the selected time.

When finished, click OK to go to the next screen. Click the Setup Comp tab (above) for details.

See how to setup a competition by copying from an existing competition.