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Create a New Group

A completely new group can be built.

This would normally be made up of pilots who are entitled to a re-flight, but can include other pilots as well.

Pilots can be specifically chosen or they can be randomly chosen for you by the program by clicking the 'Randomly Select a Pilot' button.

The new group will have a group number one higher than the highest group number for the round.

Pilots will be credited with their best score out of all of their flights for the round. For more details see below.

Adding a Pilot

Specify a Frequency for each Pilot
Frequency clashes are now allowed so each pilot must be on a separate frequency (except 2.4)

Specify Round to Receive the Re-Flight Score
Pilots can be re-flown in any round up to the current round. Re-flight scores are applied to the round specified for each pilot. The round specified must be the round in which their re-flight incident occurred.

Option to Ignore a Re-Flight Score
GliderScore can optionally ignore a re-flight score for any pilot added to the re-flight group to make up the numbers.
In this case, when adding the pilot to the group, enter 0 (zero) as the Round number. This indicates that the score is to be ignored in the results.
Scores that are ignored appear with a line through them in the Flight Scores report.
If an actual round number is entered then the pilot will be given the best score out of all flights having that round number.

Watch the Create New Group video.