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Merge Competitions

You can merge any two compatible competitions to create a new 'merged' competition.

Compatible means that they must be identical in the task/s flown and in all the score calculation details.

The merged competition is just like any other competition and all competition reports are available.

Use the Merge function if you run two (one day) events over a weekend and need to combine the results.

In the case of F3Q, the rounds across a whole season can be merged into one 'Master' competition. As competitions are run, they can be merged into the 'Master' competition and a progressive report produced.

The Merge function runs in two separate ways according to the selections made.

  • COMBINE FLIGHT GROUPS - Select any two competitions to create a new merged competition.
    This combines the pilots together to make up the flight groups.
    Example: Pilots for Round 1 Group 1 for both competitions will all be in Round 1 Group 1 in the merged competition.
    Useful where you need to make separate draws for (say) Juniors and Seniors and then combine the two draws.
    The original competitions remain unchanged.
  • ADD FLIGHT GROUPS - Select a Primary competition and an un-merged Secondary competition to merge the Secondary competition into the Primary competition.
    If the Primary competition is not a merged competition the merge will create a new competition.
    If the Primary competition is a merged competition the merge can add onto the Primary competition.