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There is no need to use Roles if you do not have a use for identification badges for officials.

From the Main Menu you can access this screen to maintain your Roles table.  You can define as many as you like.

What are Roles?
A Role describes the reasons why people may be on the competition flying field.
Those without a role should not be there.
The key role is Plt=Pilot. This role cannot be deleted.
Other roles might be CD=Competition Director, TM=Team Manager, and so on.
There can be a combined role such as Plt/TM=Pilot and Team Manager.
Any Role code containing the letter sequence Plt always means a pilot to the system, and this person will be entered into the draw.
Entrants with the following role code examples will all be taken to be pilots and may have other roles. Plt, Plt/TM, Plt/CD, TM/Plt.

What are Roles used for?
Roles are used when printing out identification Badges for those people who have a reason to be on the flying field.
The badges show the role and name, and if a pilot, other information as well.
When entering pilots, by using Roles, you are also able to enter officials as well.
Note that a person might take on different Roles at different competitions.

To use Roles you must tick the 'Use Roles' box on the Competition Setup screen.
However, you can print identification badges for pilots even when 'Use Roles?' is not ticked.