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GliderScore 6.59 Beta.2 - Introduction

This page describes this pre-release version of GliderScore.
This version has been extensively tested. It is unlikely to need any modifications.

There are features in this version that are not available in the currently released version.
These features are described below.

Note: This version will modify your database so that the new features can be used.
You can still use version 6.58 with the modified database.

GliderScore 6.59.Beta.2 - Download

The executable file is named GliderScore659.Beta.2.exe.
Downloading will not overwrite or remove your current copy of GliderScore.exe.

You will most likely see the 'Update Available' screen (shown to the right).
Clear the 'Check for updates at startup' box to stop seeing this screen.

Download the program by clicking on the button just below.
Run the downloaded program to extract the files.
You must click on the extracted program file (C:\GliderScore6\GliderScore659.Beta.2.exe) to run the program.

All feedback is welcome and should be emailed to

Read on to learn more or click on the button to download the file.

F3K - Implementation of timing to 1 decimal place.

Select zero or one decimal places from the dropdown list.
The selection flows through to eScoring and to reports.

If one decimal place is selected,
all time scores will be shown with one decimal place.

F3K - New 10 minute and 15 minute user tasks.

The user 10 minute task code "O" is still there.

U10 task - the new 10 minute user task code is U10 from this release.
U15 task - the new 15 minute user task code is U15. You can use the digital timer for 15 minute tasks.

You can use these task codes to practice the 15 minute tasks right now.
These changes are fully implemented in eScoring.
The actual 15 minutes tasks will be added later in the year when full details are known.

F3K - New 15 minute timer.

On first running this program a new 15 minute timer will be added to your database.
This is for the new 15 minute F3K tasks from 1 January 2020.
You can edit the timer and adapt it to your preferences.

Two audio files are added to your Audio folder for the new Task description announcements.
These cover the new U10 and U15 tasks.

Competition Setup - Selection of Competition Class.

Click the 'Select' button to see a list of Competition Classes.
Click on the Class that you are looking for.
All settings that apply to the class are selected for you.
Every class that could be configured in previous versions is in the list.

Main Menu - Adjust Size.

Adjust the size of ALL screens by selecting a new size factor from the Main Menu.
Make fine adjustments to an individual screen by dragging the borders.
The resizing code is greatly improved.

Reports - Country code and FAI number print together.

The full FAI code includes the Country code.
For the major reports, these now print together in that order.

eScoring - Create link to Online Scores.

The links generated take the user directly to the competition in
The users do not have to select the competition. It is automatically selected when using the link.

Two different links can be generated.
1. A link for a competition in Progress. This goes to the Scores tab.
2. A link for when a competition result is Final. This goes to the Results tab at the final round.

Provide these links to your online 'audience'.

Competition Series Report - Percent column added.

A column for the Percent of the top series score has been added.

Competition Setup - New 'Closest' Lane Option added.

Selecting the 'Closest' option means that a team members always fly from the lane that is closest to their Team number.

Use this where the number of teams is greater than the practical number of lanes.
Particularly useful if the teams are allowed to set up (in team number order) behind the launch positions.

Launch positions might be 10 metres apart and team pit areas might be 7 metres wide.

F3J / F5J Fly-Off tie break rule automatically applied to rankings.

There are current F3J and F5J rules that specify how to resolve tied scores.

For pilots tied at the end of the fly-offs, the numbers from the preliminary competition are used to decide final rankings.
GliderScore does this automatically after the correct preliminary round competition is identified.

For Teams tied at the end of the preliminary rounds, there are one or two steps to decide the final rankings.
GliderScore automatically works through these steps to give the correct final team ranking.