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Seeded Man-on-Man

With Seeded Man-on-Man (SMOM) pilots are drawn in groups according to their cumulative scores.
The first round is drawn randomly and then flown and scored. Only then is the second round drawn.
The lowest scoring pilots (at Round 1) fill the first group, the next higher pilots fill the second group, and so on.
In this way each round is flown and scored before the next round is drawn.
If several pilots have the same score and are candidates for the last place in a flight group, GliderScore allocates them randomly.

There are some restrictions.

  • You can't use SMOM where there are frequency clashes.
  • 'Allow-back-to-back' becomes irrelevant because of the seeding.
  • There must be at least two flight groups per round.
  • The task must be a single task. Either one of the duration tasks, F3K or F5K.
  • SMOM is not available for F5B.

From the Competition Setup screen, create the draw for Round 1 in the usual way.

After all the scores are in for Round 1, click on the button to draw the next round.

You will see a screen like this.
Click on 'OK' to create the new Round and resume flying.
You can 'Retire' pilots who are not able to continue. They will not be in the next round. See further below for an example.
'Retired' pilots can be 'Un-Retired' at a later time if they overcome their issues.

In this example a pilot has been marked 'Retired' and will not be in the draw for Round 2.