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Draw Reports
Draw Details Reports

At the end of the draw the Draw Details can be printed or downloaded from the Reports menu.

As shown at right, four formats are available.

  • Draw (large format)
  • Draw (small format)
  • Draw Table
  • Draw (Teams)

You can choose to sort the reports by one of

  • Team
  • Lane
  • Pilot (competition number)
  • Name (last name/first name)

As well as these formats, you can print
individual Matrix Badges, one for each pilot
showing their round and group data.
Click on the tabs to see details of this and other reports.

In the case of F5J team events, the draw reports will indicate whether the draw was made with Team Protection ON or with Team Protection OFF.

Where 'Assign Helpers?' is selected, the Helper name is also shown in the report.
This does not apply to all report layouts because of insufficient space.

Draw (small format)
This is a more compact version of the first report shown.

Draw Table
This is a tabular version with one row per pilot.

For F3J, lane numbers can be included (if selected).

For F3B, distance ID codes and speed flying sequence are both shown.

Columns to be included are user selectable (other than Name).

Draw (Teams)
This report has one row per flight group, and one column per team. Note that Team numbers do not have to form a continuous sequence.

The number of rounds for the report can be selected.

If more than one task (F3B) - the task/s for the report can be selected.

For the Speed task and for F5B - the flying order is indicated by numbers against each name.

Draw (Teams) for F3K
The F3K version of the report includes a brief description of the task that has been set for each round.