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Big Timer
Big Timer

If you have the Big Timer display panel from Mickey Nowell then this is the section for you.

(If you would like to know more about this panel, email Mickey at mickeysbigtimer@gmail.com).

The Big Timer display shows names and times as well as making audio announcements.

To do this, it requires a set of files specially created for each competition.

GliderScore does exactly that, and very easily.

The Big Timer only handles audio files in .wav format.

Using the Big Timer functions in GliderScore

After opening a competition, hover or click on the 'Audio & Timer' button, and select 'Big Timer'.

The screen below will be opened.

Select the Profile that matches your competition.

You can re-name the eight timer profiles with your own profile names. All profiles can set up and edited without changing the competition.

You can save separate profiles for preliminary and fly-off rounds, as well as for different types of competition (F3K, F5J, F3J, ...).

Click on the 'i' button for more information about the various options that are available.

When you click on Create Files, the Selected Task must match the current competion.

Having made your choices, click on the Create Files button.

Clicking on the Create Files button brings up three choices.

  • YES - saves the files both on the computer AND on an attached SD card.
    You will be asked to identify the location of the SD card.
  • NO - saves the files on the computer in a sub-directory called 'BigTimer'
  • CANCEL - cancels the operation.

Once the files are on the SD card, take the card to your Big Timer, select your competition and start the timer.