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Competition Setup

This is like a 'Control Panel' for your competition. It puts you in control of how your competition will be run.
Work through, from top to bottom, to complete this step. It looks a bit frightening, but in the end everything will make sense.

A lot of help is available by clicking on the [i]nformation buttons.

When finished, your competition setup screen will look something like this screen shot.

From here you can access the following screens

  • Score Entry - for all scoring tasks.
  • eScoring - to use eScoring functions.
  • Reports - for access to all reports for preview, print or saving.
  • Audio & Timer - integrated audio and timer functions.
  • Score Check - for an overall check of scoring entries.
  • Email Reports - to email reports directly from GliderScore.
  • Lock Competition - prevents changes to entries already made. All reports are available.

Check all the following tabs for complete details.